2nd Research workshop at our university

On Friday we organized the 2nd research workshop at our university.

Last year the topic was <animal models in biomedical research>, this year we wanted to be a bit broader and more inclusive, so the topic was rather unspecific: "technologies and resources".

Overall, the meeting aimed to share technologies and resources to intensify collaboration and strenghten our university as an excellent centre of science and research. 

We had 6 presentations by colleagues presenting different platforms open for collaborations at our campus: metabolomics, systems biology, ips technology, FACS and immunophenotyping. Big thanks to the speaker!

After the presentations we had a poster session with 50 posters representing an interesting overview of what is going on at our university.

The workshop closed with delicious Catering. 

We attracted around 70-80 people, not a lot, but considering that it was a Friday afternoon before a long weekend with Monday being a bridging day it was quite sucessful.

Looking for ideas for the workshop next year. We hope to make it a yearly event!