Attending Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Hauke Busch’s inaugural speech

This past Tuesday (26.09.2017) a small group gathered to attend the inaugural professorship speech of Prof. Busch entitled: ‘Was bedeutet der Begriff “System” in Systembiologie und Systemmedizin?  Eine theoretische und praktische Betrachtung” [English translation:  What does the term “systems” in systems biology and systems medicine mean? A theoretical and practical consideration].

It was an interesting presentation which can be summarized in a few take home messages:

  1. The utility of systems biology is to quantify biological systems by looking at biological systems from a holistic approach;
  2. It seeks to find organizational principals in a seemingly chaotic world we know as biology by looking at the ‘system’ as a whole rather than through experimental planning/measurement;
  3. By integrating this “new” perspective of looking at biology (such as genomics, proteomics, etc.) we can start to close the gap between causative and quantitative understanding.

On behalf of the ICG, congratulations Prof.Dr Hauke Busch!


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