Session at ISHR in Hamburg - quite an experience

From Monday to Thursday this week the ISHR meeting is taking place in Hamburg.

The ICG organized a session about "Unravelling mechanisms of GWAS signals for coronary artery disease". I tought that this might attract a large crowd of attendants, because the line-up of speakers was excellent. Not even close .......

The morning started already a bit chaotic due to a lot of traffic in Hamburg and I was really afraid to arrive too late at the venue.

Finally, I arrived just in time but it was getting worse and worse: we realized that the number of attendants was equal the number of speakers!

I can´t recall a similar situation in my life. 

However, the speakers (many, many thanks!!) and the listeners made the best out of this awkward situation and in the end we hade a lively discussion and learned a lot.

Overall the ISHR meeting is a sucess, it was just that "GWAS and unravelling the mechanisms behind GWAS hits" was not attractive enough to beat a parallel session about "Molecular-based therapy for inherited cardiac diseases". You live, you learn...