7 Türme Triathlon Lübeck

This Sunday at 1:00 p.m. we met at the Volkshochschule Lübeck to give our Triathlon debut as a company relay in the Volkstriathlon distance. This means 500 m swimming, 20 km biking, and 5 km running. 
The weather was sunny and very hot. Nevertheless, water temperature was below 20°C and felt very cold for the first couple of minutes. 
Anja performed the 500 m swimming in 16:33 min but struggled with the transition to run the 500 m to the changing zone. Krishan caught up some time during biking, needing 43:18 min. Last on track was Natalie, running 25:46 min, where we accompanied her the last meters. In total, we finished with a time of 1:31:49, which gave us 41st place of 52 relays.

We are very happy to have taken part in the triathlon and we thank everyone, who came to support us and cheered for us. 
Hopefully see you next year again ;)

Anja, Natalie & Krishan