2 weeks internship at the Institute for Cardiogenetics - Thank you!

I am in the 12th grade at the GGS St. Jürgen and the last two weeks I made an internship at the Institute for Cardiogenetics. At the beginning, I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know what kind of people I would meet. But I was welcomed kindly. I was shown around and introduced to the people working at the institute. After that I was brought to Matthias M. and Anita B. who looked after me for the past two weeks. My activity for the next days consisted of learning about the institute itself and Next Generation Sequencing. I also had to make a break-even analysis to find out if and when buying a sequencer for the institute would disburse. What surprised me the most was probably being invited for lunch the first day I was there. I didn’t expect to be integrated so quickly.  My teacher came for visit on the second day. On another day there was a farewell-party for Markus. The second week I went to a status seminar. On Tuesday I went to the Lübeck University Omics Cluster Meeting. The presentations were very beginner friendly. On Wednesday Stephanie T. showed me how a protein is modelled on a computer and even let me do a part of it myself (of course while helping me). After that Krishan V. showed me the zebrafishes. I tried to help him with some of the chores but it still felt like I was just watching. 

With that being said I want to thank all of the staff from the Institute for Cardiogenetics for letting me be there. Special thanks go to Anita and Matthias for supervising me, Loretto and Ilyas for sharing a room with me and the music I listen to, Stephanie and Krishan for showing me some of the work being done in the institute.

Even though I am writing like this is the last time we see each other I will come around next week since I still have some work to do.

Mohamed S.