NCCR christmas meeting 2016

Traditionally, we meet for the last NCCR meeting of the year in Lübeck. This tradition has been started by Gabriele a few years ago. Thanks to Gabriele for this - it is a real pleasure to organize this well received event. Big thanks also to Nadine and Marina for organizing this years happening.

100 DZHK scientists from Hamburg, Kiel, and Lübeck joined the meeting and listened to three scientific talks held in the "Beichthaus" of the "Europäische Hansemuseum". Of special interest was the key note lecture by Prof. Adams about "New branches on the vascular tree: organ-specific specialization of blood vessels".

After these highly interesting talks some of us visited the christmas market or joined a guided museum tour.

The meeting ended with a delicious buffet in the restaurant "Nord", here we had ample time to socialize. 

Looking forward to meet most of the attendants at the annual retreat in Tremsbüttel in February 2017.