CVgenes@targets meeting in Zandvoort

It is already more than one year ago that we posted about our previous CVgenes@target meeting in Zandvoort.

This time, the aim was to organize a joint meeting together with two other EU consortia including the two EU FP7 projects TransCard and CarTarDis. The meeting aimed to give the opportunity to all participants to exchange ideas and progress within each project and institution.

After landing in Amsterdam Airport and going outside to take a taxi, we were again lucky and excited to get a Tesla as taxi to the very beautiful North Sea city Zandvoort, which is about 45 minutes away from the airport. Unfortunately Jeanette couldn’t manage it this time and was unable to share the Tesla drive with us because of health issue. I wrote her directly a short message and she answered: I also want a Tesla drive. Stephie, Michaela, Matthias and myself were all happy and fascinated about the interior high-tech decoration/design and also how gentle and quit it drives.

We enjoyed 3 science days with highly interesting talks and fruitful discussions. We learned about new methodologies, which are of interest for us. For example how to better characterize atherosclerotic plaques using MS Imaging or a 7-fold IHC.

The meeting offered also opportunities for the participants to come together with other research groups and discuss possible collaborations in future projects. During the breaks we had the chance to take a walk along the nice sandy beach of Zandvoort, which is only a few meters away from the hotel.

Matthias and myself (Zouhair) scheduled the flight back to Germany for Friday late in the afternoon. Luckily the weather was nice without strong wind or rain. We rent bicycles and discovered Zandvoort along its shore and the very beautiful dunes outside the city.

ST, MM, MM and ZA