Marathon 2016

This year, for the 5th time already (2nd, 3rd, 4th), we participated in the Stadtwerke Marathon in Lübeck!
The highliy motivated team:
Matthias, Leopold, Caro, Viktor, Tiberiu, Sebastian, Svenja, Ilyas, Jaafar, and Krishan!
IIEG Runners
We tried to beat our outstanding result from last year; but, despite being highly motivated (thanks to Jeanette :-)  ), the distance of 10x 4.2 km took us 8 min more this year: 3:14:23 h - which is still a great finish time! And, out of 158 teams that participated, this ranked us 23rd! Well done, team!

Our official certificate
Doing what we came for: running!

Thanks to Jeanette for making it possible, to the fans who supported us, to Karim for great pictures and memories of the event, and of course to the runners, who made up this great team (especially Leopold, Tiberiu, and Ilyas for being so spontaneous :-)  )!


I'll leave you with some nice impressions:


Supported by our devoted fans!
Preparing for the performance

Yes, that was BEFORE running!
Again, this is BEFORE running :-)

The Briefing Circle
Filling up with nutrients!

Krishan, our last runner, crossing the finish line after a super fast run!

Wondering how he would have looked without that banana before the run... :-)
Happy team with the medals, after the run (missing: Viktor, who, unfortunately, had to leave a bit earlier to go to work)


  1. Congratulations! Donuts as a reward will be served next week. This time for real. See you! Jeanette


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