First Retreat of the IIEG - impressions

The 1st IIEG Retreat took place on Friday, unfortunately and sadly without Jeanette, who has cancelled her participation, unexpectedly early in the morning because of Health issues, things that may happen to any one of us.

Jeanette was deeply sad to miss this first IIEG Retreat. She wanted to inspire and motivate all of us and bring us closer together. She wrote from time to time short messages and asked if things are going well. Thank you, Jeanette, for your continuous care.

The retreat started in time with a first session from the "Bioinformatics group" followed by one session from the "Experimental working group". Two talks from the Bioinformatics group were cancelled because of Health issues (it is cold/flu season). After Lunch we continued with two further sessions from the Experimental group.

Postdocs, PhD and MD students presented the progress of their work including the background of the project, aims, achieved results and what to do next. An extra slide was added at the end by every presenter to share private activities/hobbies. Also the technicians presented their activities in a few slides. This was was a great idea!!!

Altogether, this was a full day packed with highly interesting talks and discussions as well as scientific and social interactions during the talks or coffee break/lunch. I would like to thank all participants, especially the presenters.

We closed this first retreat with 2 hours bowling and a Dinner in a very nice location.

We achieved what Jeanette and we all wanted to achieve: this retreat brought us closer together!

We are very thankful to Marina and Nadine for the organization.