PhD student on a journey: EFMC-ISMC 2016 in Manchester

When I submitted my abstract for EFMC-ISMC (International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry) 2016, I never thought that they would choose it for an oral communication. Surprisingly they did! That’s why I flew last Sunday to Manchester to attend EFMC-ISMC, the biannual meeting with about 1200 participants, which focusses on the recent progress in drug research in major therapeutic areas like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Manchester Convention Center

The meeting took place in a conference center converted from the former Manchester Central railway station.  On Tuesday I presented the results of our in silico analyses on ADAMTS7, which we published already, in the “Hot topics in Cardiovascular Diseases Research” session. It is kind of weird when an unknown person cites stages of your CV to introduce you :D The presentation and the audience were quite nice although I usually don’t like giving talks.
In this huge conference room I was giving my presentation.
Overall, it was an interesting conference with inspiring talks e.g. about big data in medicinal chemistry and poster-sessions with posters covering my field of interest (which is sometimes hard to find at cardiac conferences).

I would also like to thank RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector for the travel grant support.



  1. Congratulations! I'm happy that you'd a great time! Jeanette

  2. Hi Michaela, what an intimidating big conference room. Congratulations on your talk.

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