Two in one, EAS and LP(a) meeting in Innsbruck

Last week, we (Krishan and Ingrid) returned from a one week trip to Innsbruck. We attended the 84th European Atherosclerosis (EAS) meeting and the LP(a) satellite meeting “From Bench to Bedside”. Both meetings were in the beautiful town center of Innsbruck.

We arrived on Thursday with perfect weather and decided to go on a short sight-seeing tour through Innsbruck. Innsbruck is really a charming town with a historic old town center. 

Friday the LP(a) meeting started. LP(a) was reported to be an risk factor for atherosclerosis and CAD 50 years ago, but still not much is known about the biological mechanism and there is also no drug for LP(a) on the market. Hence, leading experts were invited to present the latest results in LP(a) research. It was two days of really interesting talks, first day more scientific, second more clinical. 

After two days focusing on LP(a), the EAS meeting started on Sunday with the first meeting highlight. In the opening ceremony held in evening The Anitschkow Prize 2016 lecture was delivered by Professor Peter Carmeliet. He gave a fantasitc talk about "Endothelial cell metabolism: a novel player in atherosclerosis? Basic principles and therapeutic opportunities". This excellent talk was followed by small but very intersting musical concert peformed by two sister, presenting the blend of folk and modern music.

The four day long meeting, was filled with very interesting talks and posters. With multi tracks it was hard to select the sessions. Despite so many good talks, we have to point out the keynote lecture held by the Nobel laureate Michael S. Brown. He was awarded the Noble prize in Physiology or Medicine together with Joseph L. Goldstein for his work on the regulation of cholesterol metabolism. He gave a really mind blowing talk about his scientific career, starting with the discovery of the LDL cholesterol pathway. It is really amazing what one person can discover in one lifetime. 

Tuesday was the big day for us two IIEG representatives. Ingrid gave a talk on “Pleiotropic molecular targets of coxibs revals novel genomic loci conferring coronary artery disease”, and Krishan had a poster with the title “Genetic determinants controlling lipid deposits in different wild type strains of zebrafish (Danio rerio)”. Ingrids talk was in the big plenary room, on a huge stage. The poster session was also very well visited, Zebrafish is not well known in atherosclerosis research and hence the poster was of great interest in the community.

After exactly one week, we had to leave Innsbruck on Thursday. Motivated and loaded with new ideas, we spontaneously submitted two abstracts to the ASHG meeting in October after our return home. These great international meetings with so many fruitful discussions really help you develop new ideas and reminds us why we love to work in research.