Visiting Damp at the baltic sea

Today I was invited to give a talk about "Myocardial infarction - Environment or Genetics?" at an education and training meeting for pharmacists in Damp. 

Damp is a small village consisting of only a clinic, hotel and wellness swimming pool; it is a well-known holiday resort very close to the baltic sea. 

I´ve never been there before so I was a little bit shocked because the "skyline" of Damp is no architecture highlight - maybe 40 years ago.

On the other hand, the congress centrum is located very close to the sea, you can even hear sea-gulls crying (no doves). 

The meeting itself was interesting and aimed to inform pharmacists and pharmaceutical technical assistants (PTA) about latest research in cardiology.  
400 people attended this event, which is held since almost 20 years every April in Damp. I assume for a lot of people this is almost like a family meeting. 

Interestingly, I learned that beeing a pharmacist or PTA is associated with female gender. I guess that almost 90% of the attendees were women. ;-)