Visit of the NDR, a local TV channel at IIEG

On Friday we had a crew from NDR,  local TV channel, in our Institute. They were interested in making a short film about our recent success published in the NEJM. 
As always the cameraman, here the camerawoman, was a little bit disappointed because laboratories are not very interesting and exciting film sets. 
So it took a while until she found the best positions to film Sandra, Udine and Marlon while working at the bench or preparing and loading a gel.
After filming some scenes in the lab it was time to do a short interview. Here you can see my view during the G & A session.

After the interview the film crew, Zouhair and Krishan went to our zebrafish platform. And here the situation changed. It seems that the zebrafish platform with the water, tanks and the fishes is a very grateful scenery giving the possibility to shoot nice pics. 

We are very excited to see the result. Maybe next week..... we will keep you posted.
Update: the short TV-report about our work is online. You can watch it here (in German only).


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