First Animal Research Workshop at our University

A while back I realized that although we are a comparably small campus and know each other quite well on a personal basis we actually do not know well what resources are available in each lab/institution.
This is why we (Henrik, Zouhair and I) started to organize a workshop to bring together all groups from the University who are working with mice, drosophila and zebrafish. 
Actually, we had no idea how many people would be interested to present their models on posters, so we decided to have a two part meeting, first two interesting talks given by Werner Müller and Michael Bader, about 3R principle in animal research and translational aspects, respectively. Second, a poster session in a relaxing atmosphere with finger food. In the end it turned out that the concept was perfect: more than 80 people presenting 44 posters joined us on this Friday afternoon. 

I know already that some new collaborations have been discussed and will start soon. This is what we aimed for!
Besides, it was our/my first event held in the new CBBM building and this was a very positive experience. And I´m quite sure that this was not our last meeting in this building, we already started to plan a second workshop, not about mice models, rather than techniques.

Our special thanks go to Marina & Nadine for organizing, and Steffi, Beatrice, Anja, Michaela, Jaafar, Sogol & Krishan for helping to make this such a sucessfull event.