Auf Wiedersehen Mariana

Today, we had the fare-well party for Mariana. We would have liked to have her here for one more year (as planned), but sometimes you have to follow your heart, for her this means going to Australia. This is very sad for us at the IIEG, but of course, we're happy for her!!!

Mariana will continue writing her Ph.D. from Australia, so probably we will see her again in one year for her defense. But we will definitely miss her jolly nature, her enthusiasm and her unique quality of cheering up every room she enters.

Apart from being a a very fun colleague, she definitely was and still is a talented PH.D. student. If she continues as she has so far, she will one day become a great scientist. 

"Fare-well-fie" of the IIEG

Can we fit all IIEG in one selfie? Yes we can...

We say "auf Wiedersehen Mariana", we will definitely meet again, so this is not goodbye!


  1. It is sad that you are leaving and I'm missing my crazy neighbor already ;). However, I'm happy that you follow your heart. All the best for your new life down under.

  2. The genomatics will not be complete without you, but then again, you will always be a part of this crazy group no matter where we are. I am already looking forward to our genomatic skype sessions. Just don't let the koala take you laptop.

  3. Mariana, good luck in Australia! I am sure everyone will miss you a lot at IIEG. Have an awesome start :)


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