Gründungssymposium des Universitären Herzzentrums Lübeck

It is now a year ago that officially the "University Heart Center Lübeck" was founded. To celebrate this achievement, we (Prof. Sievers, Prof. Thiele and myself) organized a symposium this weekend (with major help from Gramanns Veranstaltungs- und Tagungsorganisation). The complete program can be found here

We were really happy that 308 people followed our invitation to attend this symposium. 

Almost all members of the IIEG joined this event, although the topics were very medical and patient-oriented. However, if you work in the field of cardiovascular genetics it is not too bad to have some insights into the clinical world as well.

The event was opened by Prof. Lehnert, president of the University and Prof. Scholz, director of the UKSH.
After this it was my pleasure to open the scientific sessions with a talk about "Translation in the era of genome research".

Overall, the talk was well received (at least this was my impression), however, some of the questions were a little bit weird. ;-)

The program was very ambitious, and in the end we were running a little bit late. Though, it was fascinating (and somewhat frightening) to see live procedures from the cath-lab of the MKII. 

After the sessions with a lot of interesting talks the "after work" party was going to start. Unfortunately it took different ways for some of us. 

It all started with a lot of fun. 

Meanwhile, I was stupid enough to fall down the floor and hurt my head badly. It was really bloody and in the end we had to call the ambulance and to go to the emergency room. 

Thankfully Zouhair joined me and in the ER they managed to stitch the wounds perfectly. 

Everything was fine after 2 hours (although it was an experience to be in the ER on a Friday evening). 

My special thanks go to the crew of the ambulance and the ER. 

Sadly, I had to go home, but Zouhair was lucky enough to join the group again and he got also some food. ;-)

Today everything is fine. I feel pretty good and the symposium is running as planned. Unfortunately I cannot join the talks scheduled for today!