CVgenes@target: general assembly - impressive progress

Every 6 Months we meet with our partners from CVgenes@target, a EU-sponsored consortium working on the identification of novel genomic targets for CAD (click for more info). 

This time we met nearby Hamburg, very close to L├╝beck. We started with a tour at the Fraunhofer Institute/ Screening Port and afterwards a Dinner at the meeting place (Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg). Next morning we kicked-off the meeting at 8:00. 

The agenda was very tight - full of very exciting new results from the different work packages. 

View of the general assembly of CVgenes@target.

We had interesting discussions and started to think about new projects. Overall, a very productive and inspiring meeting!

At 5:00pm we were all tired but very motivated to go back to the bench to further exploit genomic variants affecting CAD and stroke risk for therapeutic intervention.

Members of CVgenes@target.
Our next meeting will be held in September 2016 most likely in Munich. 

Unfortunately, this will than probably be the official closing meeting of our consortium, because the funding period is planned to end in September 2016. 

It is unbelievable that 3 years are almost already over. 

Hopefully the collaborations will last longer than the official funding period - I´m pretty sure they will.