2016 starts with saying "Auf Wiedersehen"

Now, 2016 is ahead of us - it is already year 4 of the IIEG - unbelievable!

We are in the middle of very exciting projects and the planning of great events. As an example, we will host the members of the Leducq project CADgenomics in June in Lübeck. We will keep you informed. ;-)

On the bad side, this year starts with saying "Auf Wiedersehen" to our dear member of the working group and institute - Redouane. 

After finishing his PhD last year he is now very well prepared to take the challenge and start his first PostDoc in the USA. He will work with Mete, one of our closest collaborator from CADgenomics, who started as an assistant professor at the University of Virginia just recently. 

On Wednesday we took the chance to say good-bye to Redouane who will leave next Sunday. And I just realized that he said good-bye to himself (first row, on the left side). ;-)

We are pretty sure that Redouane will be very sucessful in working together with Mete. @Redouane: We will miss you! Best luck!




  1. ...or maybe Redouane is saying goodbye to us? We will definitely miss him.

  2. What a nice picture of the IEEG members. Redouane is here! In one piece after a long day of travel. He is already getting settled into his new place and will start in the lab this week.

  3. @Mete: take good care of him ;-) See you in Lübeck in June (hopefully)


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