Start of the Christmas season at the NCCR

It is almost a tradition to meet in Lübeck for the last NCCR meeting of the year. 
Just a short reminder: the NCCR is part of the DZHK, uniting cardiovascular research in Hamburg, Kiel, and Lübeck.
As usual we first met to hear interesting talks about recent results in cardiovascular research. Yesterday, we managed to draw the bow from basic research to clinical trials. All four talks were great with lively discussions.

Almost full-house at the NCCR Christmas Meeting in Lübeck.
Afterwards we visited the Christmas Market (as usual) and had some Glühwein. The evening ended (for most of us) with having Dinner at the Ratskeller, a restaurant in the historical center of Lübeck.

Dinner at the Ratskeller

It is also almost a tradition that some of us extend the evening with some more drinks, kicker or pool. 
Unfortunately, we do not have pics from this part of the evening........