IIEG visiting the Europäische Hansemuseum

After a stressful albeit sucessful year the IIEG team members kicked-off the christmas season with a visit at the Hansemuseum and afterwards a delicious Dinner at the restaurant BarCelona.
Last year we made tons of cookies to celebrate christmas season, this year we thought it would actually be nice to do something more intellectual. ;-)

In May the "Europäische Hansemuseum" was opened, and today the 100.000th visitor was announced! 21 of these 100.000 were from the IIEG.

The museum tells about the history of the Hanseatic League and the Baltic region. Below you can find a few impressions from our guided tour. 

I strongly recommend visiting the museum during your next stay in Lübeck! We had a great time and learned a lot!

After almost two hours of history lesson we were hungry and had dinner at the restaurant "BarCelona" nearby the museum. As you can see below we had a lot of fun.

Sadly, not all members of the IIEG could join the evening due to sickness. I hope all of them will recover soon to be able to enjoy christmas next week!!

Tomorrow, we have invited IIEG & friends to our, almost traditional, christmas party. So, if you are in town, you´re welcome! Or read our blog on Thursday!