Top 5 reasons to be the boss

I accept the challenge and I think I can easily top the 'experi-mentals' and the 'bioinfor-magicians'. 😉

Here are my 5 top reasons to be the 'boss':

1. For my interest I can pick the best from the bioinformatic and the wet-lab world. I don't need to choose side.
2. I don't have to struggle with contamination in cell culture or with western blot problems anymore. 
3. No need to choose a funny nick name, like 'experi-mentals' or 'bioinfor-magicians'. 'boss' is sufficient. 
4. I don't have to read/check endless lines to find a single missing '=' in a code.
5. Last but not least, I'm the 'boss' of an extraordinary great team. 



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