Top 10 Reasons to be a Wet-Lab Scientist (or Experi-Mental)

A while ago, our 'other half' posted 5 reasons to be a bioinformat(g)ician...

We accepted the challenge to find at least 5 reasons why we love working in the lab - and we even found ten!

Here they are:

1.      you get to wear fancy labcoats!
This needs no further explanation!

2.      you get to touch things!
Lab work is hands-on! You just gotta love it! This already leads us to reason 3…

3.      you get to do things!
In lab work, you have to perform each step manually – well, most of the times… nowadays, a lot of methods require the use of computers or specific programs or even programs for analysis (Matlab, R, Fiji …), and it comes in quite handy if you can program a bit yourself – this combines the two worlds nicely!

4.      you get tangible results!
Just as your work is hands-on, the results you get are concrete as well – either bands in a gel or pictures or cell numbers or or or… this list can be extended!

5.      you get to see where your results go!
Sometimes, your results might be just a small part in a bigger picture. Sometimes, they can change the world! Either way, you see where they end up, what effect they have, and that is a great feeling!

6.      you get to do many different things!
Lab work never is boring! It is diverse, you can apply many different methods and there are plenty!

7.      you get to learn new things!
Following from reason 6, as you are not born with knowledge, you have to learn all the methods you want to use – this is a lot of fun, as you get to ask experts all your questions, you might have to travel around the globe until you find what you need – which is even more fun!

8.      you get to discover totally new things!
Maybe this does not happen all that often, but it can! And if you can name a disease or protein or new species after you – why not?

9.      you get to optimize recipes till you get good results!
Like in cooking or baking, you get recipes, and sometimes you have to adjust or tweak them according to your experience, knowledge, or purposes. It is really nice to try this out and to finally see it working!

10.   you get to make cool pictures of things!
Whose heart does not skip a beat when they see things like this under the microscope?!

 The Experi-Mentals!


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