Das ist Ihr Land, ein Wunderbares

On tuesday, five lucky members of the IIEG as well as one friend from the Neurogenetics made their way to a town unknown to them till then: B├╝delsdorf.

Torsten Albig, prime minister of our state Schleswig-Holstein, invited us and other dedicated hardworking employees from around Schleswig-Holstein for the state employee reception. Torsten Albig had visited us (and workplaces of the other guests) last year and wanted to thank us for making Schleswig-Holstein great. 

Each one of us represented his/her group in the IIEG: Maren representing the laboratory assistants, Ingrid the Postdocs, Felix the medical doctoral students, Mariana the doctoral students and Zouhair himself being the deputy head. Jeanette could unfortunately not make it. We would have loved to have had her with us.

Torsten, as we started to call him in secret, took time for every guests. First he greeted and took photos with everybody. For you, dear dedicated blog readers, we also asked for a selfie. Being a down to earth guy, he gladly joined. So this is for all of you who could not come:
From the left: Felix, Aloysius, Zouhair, prime minister "Torsten", Maren, Mariana, Ingrid 
Doesn't it look awesome?

Having greeted all his guests, Torsten Albig gave a really nice speech. He underlined how it is the people that work and live in this country that shape it. He also stated that as long as we stay passionate and keep burning for what we do, we can easily face all challenges ahead of us and welcome those having to leave all behind to find a better future here together with us. Fortune is not equally distributed across the world and we should be thankful that we got an extra portion. He ended his his speech saying "Das ist Ihr Land, ein wunderbares" ("This is your state, it is wonderful").
"Das ist Ihr Land, ein wunderbares"
After the speech, we got really excellent food. Torsten Albig also joined us for some small talk at our table. For instance, we learned that B├╝delsdorf is actually the capital of art in the northern world (we should have known that). In addition, we now also know what not to serve him (in case of a next visit). He does not like spinach or Senfeier. He was absolutely charming and so "normal" and easy to chat with. We all really enjoyed this little trip.

Now there is nothing left to say despite: Thank you Torsten, thanks for your time, for the wonderful food, for the music and for the selfie :)

MK, IB, ZA, MB and FK