Sometimes you have to move on

Very sadly, Friday was the last day for Maria in our institute. After more than two years she will go back to her home town Barcelona to work in the field of human genetics. It is time for her to move on.

She did a wonderful job as a post doc in our experimental genomics working group. Especially, she worked with our (very important) GUCY1A3 KO mice to establish the role of sGC in atherosclerosis. This project is a follow-up project of our study published in Nature in 2013. The resulting paper will be submitted this weekend! (keep your fingers crossed!)

It was great having Maria in our institute! We are extremely thankful for her dedication and team spirit.

Members of the IIEG & friends during Maria´s fare well party.

The IIEG wishes her all the best for the future! 
See you in Leicester!



  1. Thanks for everything! It was a pleasure to be able to work with you all! :)


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