Thesis Defense - personal report from Redouane

After 40 min of presentation and 4 hours of long marathon discussion, I finally finished my thesis defense here. It was not easy indeed and highly challenging with all easy and difficult questions! 

It was a honor for me to be the first one who defends his thesis in English at Moulay Ismail University, because all of the thesis are in French.  That's why it was also hard to get together the jury members who speak English and willing to be part of the jury members.  

It was an open public event with great unforgettable experience and also sentimental moments, having among the audience my dear family members, friends from the university here and teachers. 

I wished some of the IIEG members were also here too. With these pictures I would like to share with you some of the moments from my PhD thesis defense, because a picture worth thousand words. 



  1. I am so happy for you, congratulations. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I hope we can have a small celebration when you're back at the IIEG.

  2. Wow! 4h discussion! I'm sure you were great! Congrats again and we are all waiting for the celebration at the IIEG!


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