Sonntagsvorlesung - public lecture in the city hall on a Sunday morning

Today, I was invited to give a public lecture about "Myocardial infarction: gene or environment?" in the city hall of Lübeck.
It is very challenging (at least for me) to prepare a talk for non-scientists. Actually, it took me much longer than any other talk I have prepared lately. 
It comes always with a surprise how many people will attend such a public lecture on a very sunny Sunday morning. Thanks to some people from the institute (special thanks!) the number of people in the audience was not that bad (around 40 attendants I guess). 

It is extremely important to raise awareness for genome research, especially in times of tight and even decreasing budgets and, on the other hand, important innovations which could help people in the future.
It was a great experience and an honour to be invited to give this lecture in this historical location. Many thanks to Prof. Busch!