Rubber duck race

On Saturday, June 27th, the Rotary Club of Lübeck organized a "Rubber duck race". 
For this charity event you could buy numbered rubber ducks in selected shops in the city. 
For the IIEG we bought two rubber ducks. We had high hopes that both ducks would be the first to cross the finish line. Would it not be nice to win a AIDA cruise or an ipad?
On Saturday, with some help, more than 2,500 yellow ducks gathered at the race course, as you can see on the pic below.

Unfortunately, only Benedikt and Ingrid had time to actually cheer for our IIEG ducks. I wonder whether the lack of support had anything to do with the outcome.

It took a while, until the race started, the trave is not a fast running river and the current is not always as expected. In the video you can see the start.

Because of wind and changing current the rubber ducks had some problems to find the finish line. Actually all rubber ducks swam in the opposite/wrong direction.

The organizers tried hard to re-direct the ducks, but they did not listen. So to make it easier the organizers relocated the finish line.

In the end, the ducks reached the new finish line, but sadly our ducks did´nt win. So, no AIDA cruise nor iPads for the IIEG. But according to Ingrid it was a funny afternoon.


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