10 Jahre Uni im Dialog

Since 10 years our University organizes every second year a public poster presentation of running PhD studies in our university church St. Petri.

Last time Jaafar, Michaela, and Benedikt presented their work and Benedikt actually won one of the awards. 
This year, Mathias and Karim prepared posters to explain to the public (mainly people (students and teachers) from local high schools) what the aim of their projects are. 
Hence, Karim presented the zebrafish as a new model to study atherosclerosis and Mathias explained genome wide association study in parodontitis.

The challenge is to explain in an easy way complex scientific questions. Each student has only a few minutes to convince the jury (teachers, students, and professors) that her/his project is the most interesting one and should be awarded with a poster prize.

This year the IIEG was not awarded a prize, all posters were very competitive. However, it was very good experience for Karim and Matthias to be forced to explain their work so that everyone can understand. 

Special thanks goes to Mehdi who was 'appointed' as the IIEG photographer.