Work in Zandvoort

Since October 2013 the EU funds our consortium "CVgenes@target". The project is about exploitation of genomic variants affecting coronary artery disease and stroke risk for therapeutic intervention. More information about this project can be found on our website.
To discuss the progress and to make strategic decisions about new targets we want to follow-up we organized a meeting for the general assembly of the consortium in Zandvoort, near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.
We choose Amsterdam because it is most convenient for all of us to fly-in and out and especially Zandvoort, because the hotels are much cheaper than in Amsterdam and it is located directly at the Northern Sea, a beautiful location. 
For warming-up, the meeting started with a Dinner at the hotel. It is always nice to talk to colleagues face-to-face after so many regular telephone conferences. 
The meeting itself started early in the morning (8:00 am) because of a very tight agenda. Each work package (6 in total) presented recent results and we discussed and decided about next steps. It was really exiting to see very good progress in each work package with a lot of very interesting results coming up.
Somewhat surprising the meeting ended punctual and it was even possible to arrange for a photo of the whole group during Lunch time.

(Almost) general assembly of CVgenes@target

We are very much looking forward to the next meeting which will be held, most likely, in Fall 2015 in Hamburg.