Fun in Zandvoort

Besides being a great meeting location, Zandvoort it is also a nice place to relax. The previous blog covered the work part of this trip, here we highlight the fun part of it.

Most of our cvGenes@Target meetings have had a very tight schedule, but not so this time. Instead of a one day trip, we had three full days. Our flight from Hamburg landed in Amsterdam on Wednesday in the early afternoon. The first highlight of the day was the half hour taxi drive to the hotel, in a Tesla. What a great car! We should definitely get one for the institute? (For picking up guest...)

Having checked in at the hotel, we decided to get out in the sun and relax with a cup of tea. Working in the lab or at the computer, we unfortunately do not get too much sun, so this was definitely the second highlight of the day. Back in L├╝beck, we should discuss having our lab meetings outside, especially now that summer is coming.

After a short walk at the beach (third highlight), we met at the hotel bar having some drinks before dinner (fourth highlight). It is always a lot of fun to chat with all our collaborators in a more relaxing atmosphere. We should do this more often.

It would not be a proper meeting if we did not have a tight schedule. Hence, the next day, the official part of the meeting was packed with interesting talks. All, except our group, had a flight to catch. Hence, for each talk, we had an alarm that went off when time was up. This was a premiere and thanks to Jeanette, we actually finished on time (another premiere). The meeting ended at around 5pm and following our new ritual, we went outside to have our afternoon tea in the sun. This time the Munich group also joined us.

In the evening, Jeanette, Zouhair, Michaela and me went out to have some pizza. Not far from the hotel, we found a nice little restaurant with ocean view. Our hopes of seeing the sunset were disappointed, but it it did not really matter. We had a great time anyway.

Our flight back on Friday was scheduled for 4.45. With plenty of time, we had an extensive breakfast before renting three bikes to explore Zandvoort and its surroundings. Michaela, Zouhair and me pedaled along the shore with a fantastic view and through very nice dunes.

We had perfect weather, it almost felt like a summer holiday. As Jeanette could not join us, we brought her some shells from the beach.

On our way back to the hotel, we bought some fish rolls for lunch. Zouhair had been looking forward to this since Wednesday, so I believe this must have been the highlight of his stay.

All together, this was really a nice meeting. Good bye Zandvoort. Let's hope all future meetings will be like this.



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