An apple tree, books and photos - Farewell to Gabriele

Today, Gabriele, a very close colleague of mine, who actually worked with me since 2005 - back in good old Cardiogenics time - left the IIEG.
She brought us delicious Brunch (many thanks) and we gave her an apple tree, books and a presentation with photos reflecting the past 10 years as a present. 
Actually, the apple tree is very fascinating because it is only one tree with three kind of apples growing on it (hoepfully). Although I´m a biologist by training this kind of trees were new to me. Shame on me.

We will visit the tree next year in Gabriele´s garden to see if she took good care of it.

We will miss her, however, I´m quite sure that she will stay tuned!
All the best for the years to come!