Gender issues in Berlin

My former boss Prof. Regitz-Zagrosek organized a so called DFG Rundgespräch on Tuesday to discuss funding opportunities in the field of "Gender medicine".
She invited experts to Berlin to convince the DFG to start a focus programme on "Gender medicine" in the near future.

Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. 
Inke and I talked about missing XGWAS and sex-specific analyses in CAD studies. Others talked about sex-specific differences of gene expression in HUVECs, or sex hormone effects on cardiac gene regulation.
Overall, the programme was a potpourri of projects in the gender field. After more than 12 short presentations we discussed how to raise awareness of gender aspects in medicine. 
It is actually astonishing how little attention gender aspects gets in medicine. And this of course does not mean that only females are disadvantaged.
So, for the future we hope that we can raise awareness for gender differences in medicine. This would actually be the first step towards "personalized medicine".