Hamburg-Munich-Hamburg: sometimes really difficult

On Monday morning, Zouhair and I took a flight to Munich to meet colleagues to discuss a new SFB/TRR initiative. 
It was a very interesting meeting bringing together geneticists and stem cell biologists.

Over the next couple of months we will now sharpening our projects and hopefully submit a pre-proposal in August.
I booked a flight back home for Tuesday morning, to be just in time for our onsite visit of the DFG. 
The weather was very stormy and rainy, so the start and landing was quite an experience. 

However over the clouds it was beautiful, although the pilot told us that the wind had more than 220 km/h.

I was lucky and my flight landed punctual in Hamburg and I was in-time at our poster presentation. 

Unfortunately, I received a SMS from Zouhair that his flight in the afternoon is cancelled and that he can come back home tommorrow morning earliest. 

Hopefully 'Niklas', this is how the storm/hurricane has been named, is gone by tommorrow. 

Update: Happily Zouhair finally made it back to Lübeck!