CC (Confusing Correspondence)

Jeanette: This morning we received the following e-mail: 

Subject: Zwei schlechte Nachrichten ergeben eine Gute

wie wir aus dem Matheunterricht noch wissen, zweimal minus gibt plus, also ein Grund zum Feiern. Daher haben wir heute Kuchen und Snacks mitgebracht. Um 11 gehts los.

the translation:
-*-=+ hence, we have reason to celebrate. Stephie and I brought some cake and snacks so we're hoping to see you at 11 in the kitchen.

Lieben Gruß,
Stephie and Ingrid

I must admit that I was not good at mathematics in school, hence it is not that irritating that I had some problems to understand this mail. 

Ingrid: Who could have known that such an "innocent" mail would lead to so much confusion. We clearly did not see that coming.

Jeanette: Having solved all the mathematical questions, in the end we celebrated Ingrid's birthday and Stephie's maternity leave starting next Monday.

Ingrid: just to be clear, the bad news were: 
1. Stephie, our early bird, is no longer going to be the first at the IIEG, to open all the windows and to happily welcome you to a new day at work.
2. I am getting older. (Perhaps only bad news to me though.)

Jeanette: I could not imagine that getting one year older at that young age is bad news. If it is we will have a really, really bad news in November.
However, we had very good food and some relaxing moments, many thanks to Ingrid and Stephie!

Ingrid: Stephie is a great cook. Another reason why we don't want her to leave for a whole year.

Jeanette: This I understand! We wish both all the best for the future. 


Always smiling