Tremsbüttel NCCR meeting

We are having busy days at the IIEG! While Ingrid and Benedikt were flying to LA, Zouhair, Krishan and me were headed to the yearly NCCR Retreat in Tremsbüttel on Friday. This is a very nice spot for meetings and we really like it.

First talks were about the plans of some of the groups for the next years. Later, next session was about the possibility of visiting other labs to do experiments and learn new techniques or about the shared expertise options. Zohair had two presentations and we must say he did a really good job representing the IIEG!

There were also some special talks about the new and exciting Crispr-Cas9 method and also a Keynote Lecture on translational with was really inspirational for everyone! Afterwards, the poster session gave an opportunity to young scicentists, like Krishan, to present their work. You can see him in this picture explaining his poster to the Keynote speaker!

After that, we had a really nice dinner, as always in Tremsbüttel, and a drink before going to sleep. On Saturday, there were some very interesting talks about clinical studies and about new technologies that can be applied to cardiovasvular disease! So many new data and ideas to improve our research! We are already looking forward to the new NCCR meeting!