When science meets nice weather in UCLA

After having our Leducq meeting in San Diego I went to UCLA to join the lab of one of our Leducq collaborators Prof Dr J. Lusis and Dr M. Civelek.  
I had busy days after arrival to LA including looking for an apartment, which is not easy to find in LA , and busy schedule to accomplish the UCLA  exam and safety courses within a short time as well as ongoing 3 courses that I have to finish in the coming 3 Weeks. 

I finally got my UCLA ID and became officially a member of Jake´s and Mete´s group working as a volunteer within the exchange students program!!!  

Here are few pictures I want to share with you to introduce you to my new environment as well as my colleges here in the Lab: 
When you usually come from the bus and crossing the street you will have this view on Westwood Plaza. 

After that you can use the stairs to get into the campus and to the institute where I will work during my stay here for the next 2 months. 

At the end of the stairs you already can see the outside of the building (called Gordon and Virginia MacDonald medical research laboratories) where the Institute is located: 

Now, we are in front of the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Research laboratories. From here you take the elevator to the 3rd Floor to the cardiovascular research laboratories.
Now, you are in the cardiovascular research laboratories and here are some pictures of the colleagues at work and Jake in his office. Few of the colleagues attended the Leduq Meeting in San Diego and you may already know them.

To be continued.......


  1. Dear Redouane, good to hear from you! Wish you inspiring and exciting weeks in LA. Warm wishes! Jeanette


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