ADAMTS7 in focus

What a day! 
Yesterday, two original articles and one Editorial appeared in Circulation revealing the functional role of the CAD risk gene ADAMTS7 using mouse models and in-vitro assays.

The papers demonstrate the key role of Adamts7 in intima formation and atherosclerosis, especially our paper provides further strong evidence of the determinant role of thrombospondin-1 in this process. 

The first paper is from Muredach P. Reilly et al, a long-term colleague from us.
The second paper is from our group together with colleagues from Munich and

And finally, an Editorial summarizing the results and suggesting the establishment of a causal link between zinc metalloprotease and atherosclerosis.

Time from acceptance to online publication was rather quick (4 weeks), however as a result, the author list, at least from our paper, is full of mistakes. 
Hopefully these mistakes can be corrected before the final print version is published (anticipated date: March 31, 2015).

Update: Our paper has been selected as "DZHK-Paper of the Month" (February 27th, 2015.



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