Twelve hours of sunset

Good morning from LA. We are here for some days visiting the UCLA lab of Jake Lusis. On Wednesday we are going down to San Diego for our big Leducq meeting. We thought, if going to California anyway, it would be nice to meet with Mete, our collaborator, in person. Video conferences are great, but it is not the same as face to face meeting.

We flew in yesterday from London and had a really nice flight, at least for a twelve hour trip. Traveling on the edge of sunset, we had 12 hours of beautiful red twilight. We do not intend to advertise or anything, but the entertainment system on the BA A380-800 is great. We became quiz experts cracking the high score, unfortunately the score is not saved in multiplayer mode though. 

After a smooth landing, entry and no waiting in customs, Mete picked us up at the airport. To avoid cracking too early at the hotel, we went for some burgers and a nightly sight seeing of Santa Monica. (Thanks Mete, you are great). 

After 25 hour on our feet, we finally went to bed at our hotel at 11 pm LA time, (and early morning in Lübeck). Despite our great efforts, though, both of us woke up way too early. Now we keep our fingers crossed, that coffee will help us through the day. Finally LA is waking up as well, and we will now meet Mete to get some work done on our project. 

Good bye for now, we will keep you informed. 

BR and IB