déjà vu

In 2010 our University was in a very difficult situation, because the Government of Schleswig-Holstein (one of the 16 federal states in Germany) planned to terminate medical education in Lübeck. 
We had some really troublesome months (more about the "fight for our University" can be found here) during Summer 2010.

But finally this fatal decision was withdrawn. The politicians from all different parties promised that threatening the University of Lübeck will never ever been happen again......

...but, this promise lasted not so long!

On Monday evening the local news paper reported that based on some internal documents it seems that the current Government discusses plans to cut-down the budget for the University of Lübeck and Kiel by 20 Mio Euro over the next couple of years.

The official statement of the presidents of the University of Lübeck and Kiel can be found here.

I´m afraid that we all need to reactivate #HLkaempft.