Top five

There are several reasons why we love being bioinformaticians (bioinformagicians), here are our top five:

1. Efficiency.
Without computers, especially in genetics, we would not get much done. Analysing all the genetic variants of an individual manually would take ages. With our computers it takes seconds.

2. Programming.
Programming is a very complex and challenging task. It can some times be very frustrating, but what compares to a script that finally runs through, without any error messages, and still does what it is supposed to do?

3. Best of both worlds.
Bioinformatics or computational biology is a very interdisciplinary work. You have to know your biology and you have to know your informatics. It combines the best of two worlds and you do not need to do a PCR for the one hundredth time.

4. 24/7
You can let your computer do the work for you. You can fill the queue of your server or computer and let it work day and night, and during the weekend.

5. Automation.
You can repeat every experiment just by hitting the enter key on your keyboard.

...and we can drink coffee while working.

To give you an impression, here are some snapshots of today:

Where is the bug?
It finally works!
The bioinformagicians


  1. Finally I actually know what you're doing while being at work.😉

  2. We'll have to do a big five for the experimental lab! Challenge accepted!


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