Almost a tradition: IIEG & friends christmas party

Because at the end of this week almost half of the IIEG members are going to Munich to join the "OMICs meets cardiology" symposium we decided to celebrate our IIEG & friends christmas party already yesterday.
Like last year we prepared a lot of Glühwein (hot wine punch). Many thanks to Ingrid and Marina!

To make our party an event to remember we thought it would be nice to sing a well-known christmas song in different languages. After some discussions we decided to go for "jingle bells". 
It was really interesting to learn how many different languages are represented in the IIEG and in how many languages you can actually sing "jingle bells".

In the beginning all of us were a little bit reluctant to sing, but after 1 or 2 cups of Glühwein the atmosphere was relaxed enough to get started.
Benedikt playing ukulele helped a lot. ;-)



  1. Singing Christmas song in different languages is just great. We also attended a tremendous Christmas party at a popular party space nyc. The host arranged lots of pages that had Christmas songs in different languages. We really enjoyed singing in new languages!

  2. Christmas party is really a fun if we celebrate it with all close friends and family. I am going to celebrate my Christmas party in most famous venues in DC. I have already booked a good caterer for the food services. Now just need to book DJ services?


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