A day in london

On the 29th of october (this post had to be postponed due to sickness) I visited the Royal Society of Medicine in London to learn about "Practical challenges in familial hypercholesterolaemia".

The day started early at 4 am, as I got up and then made my way to Hamburg airport to take the flight to London. Arriving in time I had a little more then an hour to get to the center where the meeting was held.

surprisingly small room
London Victoria Station

The program was very diversified covering the detection of variants and the treatment of familial  hypercholesterolemia (FH), one of the most common genetic diseases. Additionally I learned a lot about treatment related side effects as well as the possible correlation of FH and other diseases.

After the meeting I had one hour left to make a speeding-sightseeing-tour of the city. I visited Trafalgar Square and took a look at the famous sunflowers of van Gogh, but I particularly liked Big Ben at night. Unfortunately my camera (phone) was not able to capture the beauty of it (especially the face of the watch).

London eye and view over the Thames

view from Trafalgar Square
Big Ben

In the end time flew by and I had to get back. Happy and with a lot of new information, wisdom and impressions I fell into bed at 11:30 pm. What a long and exciting day in London.