To strenghten our bioinformatic/genetic epidemiological working group we are seeking for a highly motivated computational biologist mainly interested in "GWAS and beyond" methods, the job advertisement can be found here and here.

Besides using our website and Nature Jobs for publishing the advertisement, I thought it is an excellent idea to use new social medias like "Facebook" or "Twitter" to make this open position more public. I have a "Twitter" account, but, to be honest, only 30 Followers and these few people will not make a difference. ;-)

That´s why I asked Eric Topol from Scripps Institute in San Diego, one of my colleagues within our Leducq consortium "CADgenomics", if he could be so kind to retweet or even tweet my "tweet". Eric has almost 50.000 Followers and his tweets get a lot of attention. 

After sending him an email it took only minutes and he tweeted the job advertisement. I was very honoured and thankful for this!

And it took only a few more minutes and his tweet was already "retweeted" and "favored" by several of his followers.

 Over the weekend several other people retweeted the "tweet".

Until today (4 days later) I received 6 job applications for this open position from around the world mentioning the tweet; not sure if we found the ideal candidate yet, but it seems the tweet got some attention.