Skyping between Lübeck and Aying

Two times a year we meet with colleagues from the e:AtheroSysMed consortium to get an update on the progress of each sub-project. Furthermore, these meetings are meant for networking and establishing more intense collaborations. Impressions of our last meeting held in March 2014 can be found here.

Unfortunately, this time I couldn´t join the meeting in person because of some health issues. 
However, using Skype it was possible to "attend" the meeting; on Friday it felt almost as good as "live".

But Saturday morning I realized that I have missed all the fun parts of the meeting, especially playing at skittles in the historical skittle alley and the actual networking at the Dinner. 
Collaboration is not only about science, it is also about talking with interesting and inspiring people and having fun. 

That's why I'm now eagerly looking forward meeting the partners from e:AtheroSysMed in person at the next get-together scheduled for Spring 2015.