Running for the Hearts!

One of the many traditions we have at our Institute is the annual „Stadtwerke Lübeck – Staffelmarathon“, a run of 10x 4.2 km.
Traditions should not be broken with, so we tried to gather a team for this years‘ event - we almost didn’t manage to do so, as we lost some runners, recruited new, lost again some, and finally, one day before the run, we had our team of 10 highly motivated runners, the “IIEG & Friends”!

The team:  
Jaafar, Krishan, Marius, Christoph, and Yannick (back); 
Marlon, Jelena, Eva, Caro, and Dominik (front)

Not only our motivation, but also the weather was perfect, as was the support of our fantastic fans!
Almost blue sky and sun above the finish line, and, even more odd, almost 25°C (77° F) in October!
IIEG-Fan Club, enjoying the good weather, some coffee, and cheering up our runners

We finished the relay-marathon with a time of 3:20:22 hours, which ranked us 17th out of 106 participating teams! Not bad, I would say! :-)

Escorting our final runner to the finish line - you can see the devotion and the effort some did put into this run :-)

Done! Happy “IIEG & Friends” after finishing the marathon and receiving their medals!

Many thanks go to Marina for organizing, to Gabriele and the DZHK for sponsoring our nice team shirts, to our fans who supported us through the whole competition, to Ingrid for the beautiful images, and last but not least, to the friends of our institute who helped us build this great team!

Hope to see you running or at least cheering next year!