Fishbowl in St. Petri

Thursday evening I joined as one of the panelists a Fishbowl discussion in St. Petri with the topic: "the transparent patient", or in German: "der gläserne Patient".

I guess that only a few people know what a Fishbowl discussion is meant to be (like myself). According to wikipedia a Fishbowl conversation or discussion is a form of dialog that can be used when discussing topics within large groups. Fishbowl conversations are usually used in participatory events. The advantage of Fishbowl is that it allows the entire group to participate in a conversation. Several people can join the discussion.

Here you can see the stage with the discussants, the moderator and the host of this event.

What does this actually mean? In a Fishbowl discussion two seats on the stage are not seated and people from the audience are kindly asked to take these seats and ask questions. This is a really interactive procedure. Below you can see the moderator and two young men from the audience who asked interesting questions (for example: do we think that sometime in the near future we don´t need clinicians anymore because computer programs can diagnose diseases).

Another very interesting question from the audience was, why we, as researchers, are only interested in finding out what makes people ill and not why some people stay healthy although these people smoke, drink and eat a lot of chocolate?

After almost 1,5 hours a very lively discussion ended. The four panelists, together with the organizators, the moderator and the host had a yummy Dinner at a nearby restaurant. 
Thanks again to Martin Gora (Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), Berlin) and Iris Klaßen (Wissenschaftsmanagerin in Lübeck) for organizing and inviting me to this great event.

More information and pictures can be found here.