Willkommen in Schleswig-Holstein!

Yesterday, some of the members of the IIEG went to Kiel while the rest of the group stayed in Lübeck for a NCCR Lecture. Krishan, Redouane and I were invited as foreign scientists to an event with the Ministerpräsident of Schleswig-Holstein, Torsten Albig. This celebration was entitled “Willkommen in Schleswig-Holstein”, to welcome foreigners who now live in this "Bundesland".  

We went to Kiel by car with one colleague form the Chemistry department. We arrived there with time to go for a coffee, which after lunch is always nice and we met some other colleagues from Lübeck. 
Around 3:30PM the event started with some music and than the Ministerpräsident gave a very nice speech about the integration history of Schleswig-Holstein and how foreigners are always welcomed here.

After that, we could hear the stories of two of the invited people to the event, about how and why they came to Germany and what their future plans are. 
We could also enjoy some tricks and jokes from a real North-German fisherman, which was very funny. 
We were also asked to put our names on a worldmap and we could see that people coming from around 60 countries are now living and working in Schleswig-Holstein!

Finally, we could enjoy some time for eating and talking with our colleagues and we even got a nice gift: 1000 Tips to enjoy a nice day in Schleswig-Holstein! 

Time to enjoy Schleswig-Holstein!