NCCR Meeting - Science and governance

Today we welcomed our first NCCR Lecturer in Lübeck: Stefan Offermanns from Bad Nauheim. His website can be found here.

It was a pleasure talking to him before his lecture and to plan possible joint projects for the future. 
Unfortunately, the time planning was tight so there was not that much time for these highly interesting discussions.

In the afternoon he gave then a brilliant talk about "Regulation of vascular tone and remodeling through G‐protein‐coupled receptors (GPCRs)". 

The discussion after his talk was very lively and took a while, this actually showed the interest of the audience. 

After this fun part, the PIs (principal investigators) from the NCCR needed to vote the Speaker and his Deputy for the NCCR. 
Actually, there was not much to vote because only one Speaker and one Deputy was on the list. 

Not unexpected, the election was without a dissentient vote. So, for the next three years Thomas Eschenhagen (as Speaker) and Norbert Frey (as his Deputy) will represent the NCCR within the DZHK. 
Good luck! Viel Erfolg!