Left behind

Last week, the institute was nearly abandoned. The wet lab, usually crowded, was only a lonely spot. The computer lab was equally vacant. Of six bioinformaticians only one, me, struggled to keep the "denk labor" ("think lab") running. Jeanette once referred to our office as the "denk labor", making us wonder whether thinking is exclusively done here (we are probably going to blog about this another time).

While some our colleagues were on holiday, the others went to the DZHK retreat in Braunlage. I guess there will be a post about that too. The ones left behind decided not to sing the blues but to have a "left behind" party. I bought some cake and Jaafar got up really early to bake some cookies. With too much cake, too much delicious cookies and a lot of beverages left from other events everything was ready for our first TGIF party.

We had a lot of fun and this is definitely not going to be the last TGIF party.