Ini mini mo, in China bist du!

After a very long flight starting from Hamburg via Dubai I arrived in Guangzhou, China.
From Guangzhou my trip continued to Xian, the city, where the 34th congress of the Society for Animal Genetics Conference takes place.

Because of bad weather conditions with heavy rain I had to wait 4 hours at the airport in Guangzhou.

Finally, I arrived deadly tired after a long traveling time of 31 hours in Xian, the very famous historical city in china with a history going back almost 3100 years.

8 milliion inhabitants are living in Xian. IThe city is worldwide known for its Terracotta army, which was discovered in 1974 by local farmers (Terracotta_Army).
After check-in, taking a shower, and having some dinner I immediately went to bed.
Here are some pictures from the inside/outside of the hotel:

to be continued….

The next day (Monday) I got up early in the morning and started to look around the hotel after having breakfast.

The registration for the meeting started already at 8:00. Here are some pics from the congress venue.

At 9:00 am the conference got started with very interesting topics: 

It was very fascinating how Chinese participants use new methods to take notes via camera or mobile phones.

to be continued….